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Section 2: Combat System

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Section 2: Combat System

Post by Not-An-Admin on Fri Aug 07, 2015 7:54 pm

::Section 2-A: Character Classes and Advancement::

As with all robotic entities, whether sentient or not, Transformers are defined by their purposes for functioning - why are they active, and what are they designed to do? In this case, it is better known as a Transformer's Class.

A Transformer's Class, in this sense, is different from their Socioeconomic class. Those are chosen by your own decisions as a character, and differ greatly in extremes. In this sense, the class points to how a Transformer will act in combat - Your fighting class. Transformers are separated into four classes, each of which have their own, unique Transformation. Upon character creation, you will choose one of these classes, which will dictate your Transformer's average Size, Health, Armor, Speed (R+V) and Power. As you progress as a character, it will be up to you as to how to further your statistics. Below is an explanation of each of the stats, and what they mean for your character.

A Character's size refers to their physique, in terms of height and girth. The sizes for Player Characters include Small, Average and Large. Small characters are either exceptionally short or rather thin, or a combination of both; in contrast, Large characters are either extremely tall or rather big, and possibly a combination of both.

Health is a direct link to a character's longevity, and is the most important resource to any long-lived fighter. Whenever you are hit, the Damage that attack deals is subtracted from your Health total. Once your health hits Zero, you're done! Health is taken up in terms of Percentages, just like Damage is. If your character has a Health of 1/10, then their maximum Health is 10% - which means they're pretty weak.

Armor is another direct link to a character's longevity, and is prominent in larger characters. Armor is closely related to the Health statistic, if only because Damage has to get through your armor before it gets to your Health! Much like Health, Armor is gauged in percentages, but, instead of a maximum of ten, Armor has a maximum of twelve. An Armor Rating of 2/12 means that you have 2% Armor - Attacks lose 2% of all Damage they deal to you, at an on-hit basis. An attack that hits multiple times, such as with a machine gun, suffers badly from high armor!

Speed is not only defined by your character's ability to move, but, more closely by how fast they can move! Characters with low speed not only have less time to make actions and react to attacks, but also can only take a few spaces before their turn is over. Faster characters tend to jump higher, react faster, and move farther in less amounts of time. Speed is set between both Robot and Vehicle forms; each is different! Rather than a percentage, though, speed is dictated through gauges - Slow, Average, Modest, and Fast are speeds available to Starter characters.

Finally, Power! As another stat closely related to your Health, this special stat refers to your Damage Output! This is not calculated in terms of Damage Per Second, but, rather, how much damage you put out with one go! For some characters, this might not add up; for others, this might be pretty scary! Characters with higher Power Ratings can use stronger weapons, and characters with lower Power Ratings. . .can't.

Also coming with each Character is a different Weapon Load Out, as well as separate ability attachments. Some weapons are built naturally into a character's load out, while others have to be chosen and uploaded separately. Beyond this point, you will find a detailed description of each Character Class, and how Leveling will affect them and the weapons they hold.

The Infiltrator
The Infiltrator is, as one would suspect, the stealthiest of all the classes. They are Small in stature, and thus well built for both Speed, maneuverability, and the natural effect of making them smaller targets. As a result of their speed and Small size, though, they have considerably less starting Armor than the other classes, and have the lowest starting Health. As a result, though, they also have some fast-firing weapons with lethal effects, geared towards abusing their small size and sneaky tendencies.

Size - Small
Health - 2/10 ~ 20%
Armor - 0/12 ~ 0%
Speed (R/V) - Modest/Modest
Power - 1/8
Transformation - Car

The Destroyer
The Destroyer is the leader of the brigade. They stand strong and sturdy as pretty well rounded character classes, with Moderate Health percentages, high Damage output, average Speed and a noticeable size. Their powerful builds make it easier for them to carry weapons of great power, at the cost of having slow fire and reload time. They abuse their noticeable aspect by carrying powerful, explosive weapons with them.

Size - Average
Health - 4/10 ~ 40%
Armor - 0/12 ~ 1%
Speed (R/V) - Average/Slow
Power - 3/8
Transformation - Truck

The Titan
The Titan is truly a titan. The largest of the four classes and by far the most lethal, these colossal Transformers carry with them the power and endurance to match their fighting styles - Up-Front and personal, with wrecks and scrap piles to show for their works. To compensate for their large, and thus easy to hit, size, they have more health and power to take hits better and mow down the competition. As a result of their power, though, they are devastatingly slow.

Size - Large
Health - 5/10 ~ 50%
Armor - 1/12 ~ 1%
Speed (R/V) - Slow/Average
Power - 4/8
Transformation - Tank

The Scientist
The Scientist has the fastest and most maneuverable vehicle form of them all - the Aircraft. Fast and cunning, Scientists are hard to keep a hold of and even harder to finally take down. They are separated into two kinds, separating into two sorts of Sub-Classes - Battle Scientists and Medics, each with their own purposes on the field. Either way, they have technical weapons with hard-to-use, yet powerful advantages to match their sophisticated build.

Size - Average
Health - 3/10 ~ 30%
Armor - 0/12 ~ 0%
Speed (R/V) - Average/Fast
Power - 1/8
Transformation - Aircraft


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